Amazing Irish Crochet from Olga Krivenko

Olga Krivenko is a crochet designer and provides lessons of Irish Crochet in Mypicot Club. (official site)
Olga’s beautiful Etsy shop»

List of lessons:

1 – History of Irish Crochet Lace»

2 – Materials for Irish Crochet Lace»

3 – Simple leaf»

4 – Embossed leaf»


About Olga Krivenko:

She learned to crochet and knitting
in childhood from his grandmothers – the old masters of crochet. Since then, she crochets for over 40 years. All these years she collected and studied the old traditions and techniques of needlecraft to improve their skills.

Olga has dedicated much time and had a long work on the study of Irish crochet on archival publications and modern sources. Irish crochet technique has the possibility of using different motifs and color combinations to create interesting images.

Irish Crochet patterns is so complex that the replicating of the exact copy is almost impossible. So everything is unique. Each Irish Crochet thing can be seen for a long time like a picture painted by crochet hook.

Olga’s crochet patterns published in magazines. She takes part in numerous exhibitions. In 2011 Olga Krivenko was nominated for «2011 Flamie Award» in the category of «Best Freeform Designer».

Olga is an instructor of crochet courses from entry level to advanced technique. She is often invited to conduct master classes in Irish lace and crochet freeform.

More information about Olga’s works you can find here:

Olga Krivenko’s Blog
Facebook(Olga Krivenko)

Some of crochet works of Olga Krivenko:

More pictures in MyPicot Club Album »

3 thoughts on “Amazing Irish Crochet from Olga Krivenko

  1. Marie

    these are the most amazing works I’ve ever seen. The details are breathtaking. Your talents are unbelievable. Thanks for sharing them. I’m going to show them to my 88 year old Mum. She willl be speechless:)

  2. rose

    tudo muito lindo

  3. supavadee

    These are so wonderful pieces i had ever seen in my life. These are all pieces of Art. Thank you for sharing wonderful and amazing creative art pieces to the world.

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