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Making a first chain / chain (ch)
  • 1 To work a chain, first make a slip loop
    (step 1).
    2 Take hold of the crochet hook in the right hand and insert it through the loop (step 2).
  • 3 Draw the loop through and leaving the hook in the yarn (steps 3, 4, 5).
  • 5
    6 Pull the short end to close the loop round the hook (step 6).
  • 7 Loop the yarn round the little finger, across the palm and behind the forefinger of the left hand (step 7). It helps you to control the tension of the yarn.
    8 chain / chain stitch

    Yarn over hook (step 8) and draw through a loop on the hook to make one chain (steps 9, 10).
  • 9
  • 11 Continue in this way until you get the foundation chain to desired length.

    Turning chain.
    At the end of each row or round, a turning chain is used to bring the yarn and crochet hook up to the height required for working the next row or round. If the side edge looks like “pulled” try using 1 or 2 chains more.